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Harrod Horticultural

An eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for packaging

Harrod Horticultural is a rapidly expanding, major supplier of all types of garden products dispatching several thousand parcels each month. They believe that they could not have made a better choice as an Eco-friendly solution for void fill and protective packaging by using an Easypack Shredder.

Their Logistics and Fulfilment Manager comments “Horticulture and the Environment are the heart of our business and in line with this our packaging needs to be sustainable material which is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable. The Easypack Shredder converts surplus cardboard boxes into packaging which means we save money previously spent on non recyclable bubble wrap and airbags. Used boxes are converted by the Shredder into a lattice structure which makes ideal packaging that is easy to handle and roll into a strong protective wrap. The flexible lattice is right for our customers and is simply disposed of after use as it is easily compressed and can be added directly to their own compost or local council compost schemes. We find that the Easypack Shredder is straightforward to use; it starts automatically when a box is fed in and trims off any surplus material. The machine is sturdily constructed with readily cleaned stainless steel panels and has a perfect safety record. Where surplus cardboard boxes had previously needed to be collected and transported for recycling, this operation has been eliminated with further cost saving”.

In the future, a greater onus will be put on retailers to take back and dispose of product packaging and the Easypack Shredder offers a solution by turning it into biodegradable material. In the case of Harrod Horticultural, positive feedback from their customers indicates that they are delighted to receive packaging that can simply be composted.


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