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Throwing light on cushion packaging

“We needed a new packing system and turned to the specialists, Easypack Limited to find an eco-friendly solution” says Dialight Lumidrives packaging expert, Peter Townend. Dialight Lumidrives are world leaders in applying the latest high powered LED technology to produce imaginative lighting products for both internal and external use. 

“We were under pressure from customers to replace loosefill which is no longer acceptable on environmental grounds. We tried screwing up paper by hand but this was too slow and not suitable as a long term solution. Easypack proposed their new Epsilon system which speeds up the packing process, producing bulky, shock absorbing cushions from rolls of single ply 100% recycled paper. The Epsilon machine is cost effective, straightforward to operate and easily keeps pace supplying material to two packers.”

The system was evaluated over a month’s trial and proved to be a perfect solution for worldwide distribution of lighting products. It accommodates lighting units of all shapes and size and provides all round support and protection which stays firmly in place and substantially reduces damage in transit. The flexible paper cushion is simple to use, it can be moulded to fit the product or for top fill. Its extreme resilience makes it is easy to judge exactly how much is needed for each application.


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