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Aston Martin use Easypack to increase packing speed and protection

Aston Martin famous for its high performance prestige sports cars since 1914 is using Easypack paper cushions for packaging replacement parts sent to customers and dealers worldwide.

The range of parts being packed includes small engine components, accessories, wheels, regalia and bumpers which can be up to two metres in length. Multilayer cushions provide effective protection even for delicate exposed parts such as selectors on automatic gearboxes. Easypack paper is produced from 100% recycled material and is liked by dealers as it is clean and easy to dispose of.

Aston Martin is using Easypack packing benches which dispense paper cushions of exactly the right length, selected by the packer, to provide void fill and protection. These benches, with built in converting machines, have a large working area with easy take up of the cushions through the work-top. They are fitted with overhead compartments for cardboard box storage.

Polystyrene chips were used prior to the introduction of Easypack which has resulted in reduction in damage to goods through better protection and elimination of migration preventing items settling to the bottom of the box. Conversion of the cushion material, on demand, to sixty times its original volume means that storage space is considerably reduced. Further savings are brought about by the increased packing speed and the fact that total void fill is unnecessary.

Aston Martin comments that another benefit of the Easypack system is that it is so easy to use, which is important, as they have a policy of job rotation in the warehouse to make an interesting working environment.


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